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Western Cases

Western Cases is a company which specializes in production of Flight Case technology transport cases, which are characterised by high durability and low deadweight. Waterproof, laminated plywood, aluminium fittings, hinges, suitcase locks and wing-knobs, handles and padlocks of the leading brands Penn Elcom, Adam Hall and Colson guarantee high quality and functionality of our products.

Each order placed in our hands is treated individually to include the Customer’s needs in the final product. We offer studio furniture, RACK type casings, chests for amplifiers, instruments, lighting, monitors, sound systems, cables and any equipment that requires protection in transport. We produce our Western Cases in any size and with locks, handles as well as wheels customised according to the Customer’s demand.

For special orders we are able to produce cases with our own technology, made with the use of beauty of the natural wood, which at the same time are as durable as the traditional laminates. This custom offer is directed towards the consumers who, besides durability, appreciate uniqueness and aesthetics.

In Western Cases high quality workmanship meets affordable prices. We encourage you to contact us directly so that we can serve our advice and assistance when choosing the suitable solutions which would result in a convenient use of our products thanks to their personalisation.